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Welcome to Essera

The library so far consist of a little over 40 articles, and more are on the way. In the next coming months you will see the release of our first edition of the Campaign Management System. Second up, we will be releasing a bunch of articles for After Essera.

You can follow the progress on on our DevBlog, this is also where you can find our changelog.

Recent Articles

General Lore: The Creation Saga

by Yilmas
The Creation

The Library: The Creation Saga

Archetypes: Wizard Tradition: School of Cerebramancy

by Khoan
The greatest weapon of any wizard, is his mind.

The Library: Wizard Tradition: School of Cerebramancy

Countries: Wendoria

by Yilmas
Home of the lobos.

The Library: Wendoria

Countries: Vanitum

by Yilmas
Home of the Coin Lords and the Vanitum Orcs

The Library: Vanitum

Countries: Tosz

by Yilmas

The Library: Tosz